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Recommended Doctors in India
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Recommended Doctors in India

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Dr. Raghuraman - Pediatrician - Chennai

"Dr.Raghuraman is probably the best Pediatrician in and around Velachery, Nanganallur, Madipakkam localities. We have been consulting him for both our kids for more than 2 years. We are extremely satisfied with his approach and diagnosis. "

Dr. Sharad Sagde - Urologist - Mumbai

"Hi Dr.Shared Sagde, last month one day early morning I had severe pain in the stomach and urine path area then I met doctor and found 3stone which was there(left kidney 7.0mm,right kidney 6.0 and bladder 5.0) after treatment..."

Dr. Deven Raisoni - Homeopath - Pune

"Dr. Raisoni is one of the best doctor we have seen. His patience level is admirable and always greets with smile. My Son was having asthama from the age of 2 and we have taken treatment from him for about..."

Dr. Sakuntala Mitra - Obstetrics & Gynecologist - Kolkata

"How good is she as a doctor in handling high risk pregnancies - such as pre-eclamsia??? Can anyone suggest experienced & capable gynae's who have handled successfully "Pre-eclampsia" cases. "

Dr. Usha Sriram - Endocrinologist - Diabetes specialist - Chennai

"Dear Dr. I have heard a lot about you. Recently, I am putting on weight very much. I am on elthroxin sine 16 - 17 years. Would like to find out whether my gaining weight is due to thyroid.. Would..."

Dr. H. N. Shyla - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon - Bangalore

"She is not Just a doctor...She is a gift given to the Human beings by god...She heals your pain and agony whether dental or mental...Very focussed...Very Caring...Very concerned...A great Healer...A colossal personality...I can only wish her the Best...Simply bcos she..."


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