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CARE hospital, Nampally

Dr. Kapoor is incompetent and does not know the basics of Cardiology. Please save yourself and your loved ones by going to another cardiologists. I lost my father because he was misdiagnosed by SK and we wasted precious time. By the time he was diagnosed correctly by several other doctors, it was too late. He has messed up several other cases and I personally know of at least 3 patients of his who have suffered because of his incompetence and a huge ego. He does not care about the patient but only about how he can fill up his pockets and feed his own ego. Please stay away from this guy. He's just bad and I know that some day, his Karma will repay him. STAY AWAY FROM HIM!!

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Dr. Sunil Kapoor - Cardiologist - Hyderabad 2011-05-24 15:06:28 Suman Chopra
My recommendation for this doctor 
Reviewed by Suman Chopra    May 24, 2011

God save those who go to him

Lousy Doctor. Calls himself a Cardiologist. I think using a bit of Google would help him become a better doctor! Don't know whether his degrees are genuine. He can get a lesson or two in humility too.



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