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St. Philomena's hospital, Bangalore

A Great Doctor, He knows exactly what treatment has to be given to the patient. Does not advice unnecessary tests, medicines, hospitalization.

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Dr. Naresh Bhat - Gastroenterologist - Bangalore 2013-09-05 08:34:36 Volvo CE
My recommendation for this doctor 
Volvo CE Reviewed by Volvo CE    September 05, 2013 View all my reviews

He "Was" a Good Doctor Once Upon A Time!

Dr. Naresh Bhat "Was" good a few years ago, but now he has also started recommending unnecessary tests like endoscopy, colonoscopy etc. During consultations he allows junior doctors to take the patient's history and then barely glances at it later. There are better gastroenterologists in Bangalore now like Dr. Praveen Kumar, Dr. Dinesh Kini etc. who personally listen to your problems. I don't recommend Dr. Naresh Bhat any longer.

Dr. Naresh Bhat - Gastroenterologist - Bangalore 2011-07-20 16:11:35 prasad
My recommendation for this doctor 
Reviewed by prasad    July 20, 2011


He is good but can be very temperamental, with age he has become better. it is sometimes very disturbing to find that he is rushing around and does not address all the issues that may be bothering the patient. this has caused our family a lot of discomfort as he often overlooks small problems which may be very diificult for the patient to go through.
I have found that at times when he is treating my relatives and i am very uncomfortable with that.

Dr. Naresh Bhat - Gastroenterologist - Bangalore 2011-07-08 08:00:33 Kumar
My recommendation for this doctor 
Reviewed by Kumar    July 08, 2011

Lacks Commitment

I went to him last year for Hyper Acidity. He did endoscopy and recommended some tablets, for GERD.

When I went for a follow-up visit, he asked a Medical Student to see me, who asked me to continue the tablets, after charging a hefty Rs.500 as consultation fees.

It is apparent that this Dr only wants money and not bothered about patients.

Dr. Naresh Bhat - Gastroenterologist - Bangalore 2011-06-27 02:35:12 Seema
My recommendation for this doctor 
Reviewed by Seema    June 27, 2011

Best dr

He is amazing dr and he gives some good advice andcorrect teatment



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